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            Baby Doll Bike Seat
This adorable Baby Doll Bike Seat simply attaches to the FRONT handle bar of any bike by two heavy duty Velcro straps. (reference picture below). Baby Dolls of all sizes are easily and securely strapped into the high gloss Pink Bike Seat, and ready to go for a ride anywhere your youngster wants to travel. The seat is made of heavy duty ABS plastic, is almost indestructible and made to last. 
Important Safety Notes:  Our Bike Seat was made compact and to fit on the front handle bars so the child will not be constantly looking BACK WARDS, (as with other doll seats located behind the bike seat) creating a very "UNSAFE" condition.

Our Bike Seat is NOT PAINTED like other doll seats. The color is manufactured into our product for safety and durability.
Return Policy: All returned orders are subject to a 25% handling & restocking fee. Thank you.
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Our Bike Seat is easily installed and removable. It is not permanent like other bike seats.
Your Doll Seat will always look NEW since the color is manufactured right into the plastic. There are no scratch marks or paint chips. And since our plastic is pliable, it will not break or crack and is almost indestructible.

And since we added UV inhibitors to help protect your Bike Seat from sun fade, your Doll Bike Seat will look like new for many years. These are features that you will not find in other doll seats.
Can be used as CAR SEATS
Can be used as WAGON SEATS
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